Thanks for the “nows”…a reflection on Father’s Day

I can remember how much I loved my dad growing up. How to me, he was the coolest man on the planet. He was strong, handsome and funny — and for a long time (3 years exactly) I was his favorite girl. He would do silly things like lift me up in the air while making mechanical… Continue reading Thanks for the “nows”…a reflection on Father’s Day


Why I Stopped Measuring My Parenting Skills by the Standards of Others

As a mother of 6 I know all too well how fast toddlers can slip out of their parent’s grasp. Most parents want to protect their child by any means possible — they want to prevent every possible accident and injury that could ever potentially affect their child, but the truth is, parents are humans and humans are not perfect-we make mistakes — and sometimes plain old accidents happen.


Fighting the Inevitable

I've come to an understanding that time exists on this plane, yet doesn't exist outside of it- all at the same time. I also believe that one's destiny is manifested--and the manifestation of one's destiny "occurs" long before one actually realizes it's happening. I personally believe we are in control of our own destiny, however, sometimes elements of the control happens in our unconscious mind-- yet no matter what, destiny draws us in like a magnet.